You Can Have A Better Garden By Using Your Own Compost

24 Jun 2018 15:31

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In case you have not tried organic gardening, you might not know what compost is. It's an essential organic ingredient used to enrich and fertilize the soil. It will give you the nutrients and minerals your plants require and it functions as a mulch and a soil conditioner. Another advantage of compost is that it can help the soil hold more water for a longer time for the plants to grow.

You will find that there are numerous ways to composting but the easiest way is the no-turn composting method. It is common for a pile of compost to be turned once a week to speed up decomposition but with the no-turn method, it is not necessary. You need to simply add a lot of coarse materials to the compost pile. One effective way is to add straw to the compost so it creates air pockets so the pile can aerate. The time it takes to using this technique is approximately the same as the traditional turn-over method. Using this approach, however, you need to get your compost from the bottom of the pile, and remember to keep putting in organic materials on top, along with the coarse materials as well.

The leaves that fall during the autumn months are good for creating compost. Take all of your piles of leaves, and relocate them to a shady area for making your compost pile. The shaded location must have a tendency to be moist and damp also. You need the air to flow through your pile so be sure that the pile is loose. The compost is going to be all set for use in approximately four to six months. There are not enough nutrients or microorganisms in this compost made out of the leaves to be able to be used as a fertilizer, but it will be great as a conditioner for the soil.

Excellent composting material include fruit and vegetable scraps since they have lots of nitrogen and carbon. You could use other table waste also but you have to be sure that they won't attract animals and pests. Effective leftovers include coffee grounds, eggshells, seaweed, kelp, grass and shrub cuttings and pine needles. Wood chips, sawdust, corn stalks, tea leaves, wood ash, cardboard, shredded newspapers likewise make excellent material for your garden compost. You'll want to cover your pile to help keep fruit flies and other pests from gathering together on your pile. As you put in new materials to your garden compost, it is a good idea to add lime or calcium at the top. The odors from your compost will be neutralized by doing this.

You will find that composting is not that tough to do. Since you will use the leftovers in your own home, you will not be wasting anything and you can spend less money from having to pay for good soil. Composting can help make gardening simple and make your crops healthy.

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